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    • Electronic prescriptions an overview for prescribers and dispensers

      15 December 2021:  

      An electronic prescription is a digital version of a paper prescription and provides Australians with convenient access to their medicines. In this podcast, listen to first-hand accounts of how electronic prescriptions have worked in general practice and community pharmacy with speakers Gabriela D’Souza, Dr Steven Kaye, Gareth Wheeldon, Amanda Seeto and Brad McCulloch. Learn about the workflow for electronic prescriptions, the ease for implementing them and their benefits for both consumers, prescribers and dispensers. The panel also discuss Active Script List (ASL), which is a token management solution that provides further convenience for patients, especially those on multiple medicines.


      Dr Andrew Rochford (Facilitator), Gabriela D’Souza (Consumer representative), Dr Steven Kaye (Community GP), Gareth Wheeldon (Community Pharmacist, Capital Chemist Group), Amanda Seeto (Vice President, Pharmacy Guild of Australia (QLD Branch), Brad McCulloch (Technical Adviser, Medicines Safety Program, Australian)

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